Friday, May 7, 2010

Mickey's Pool

The kids all loved playing at the pools on deck. Kellan liked playing in the splash pad, although he tried his best not to get splashed at all. Matthew had fun going down the slide, and practicing his swimming in the pool.


Tunis Beach


We took the train to pisa to climb the tower. We had to take turns going up since you had to be at least eight to go inside the tower. We sent Zack in first (to test for safety). Then, Hayden and I went up. The hardest part about the climb wasn't the height, or the tilt, but the stairs. they were marble, and not only very slippery, but also warped. Many were actually concave and not flat. Hayden insisted on going to the very very top observation area. The view was spectacular.


Zack says the catacombs can be described in one word.. "creeeeepy."

Trevi Fountain

The Trevi fountain was huge. You really can't tell how big it is when you see it in pictures or on TV. Look at how small the people are below the fountain.

Colosseum 2